Welcome to Wunderland

Ethnographic Foodlife Pop-Ups

What is Wunderland?

Wunderland.Kitchen is exploring reality as we know and taste it. Abstractions become visceral and embodied through flavor experiences.

What questions become possible when we ask them in the context of culinary improv?

Travel with us down the rabbit hole to the most delicious world-making pop-up collaborations. Co-hosted by June Jo Lee, Kyra Kristof, Kirsten Ritschel, Amy McLachlan, Ari O Jo, Gabrielle Bryant and Lee Carter. Let's rewrite the menu together!

2022 WORLD-MAKING POP-UP Collaborations

Culinary Improv Play in 3 Acts

As the world opens back up, Wunderland transforms into a series of ethnographic foodlife pop-ups, using food as a portal into the worlds we are making and making ourselves ready for. Taste the familiar that's ripe with potential for transformation!



@Birch & Rye SF, July 2022

@Shared Cultures SF, June 2022


Collaboration with Sandor Katz, Eleana Hsu & Anya El-Wattar

On The Menu. Sharing mother sauces, tasting saucy plays, and making new umami stories together!

What to bring. Ferments you're proud of, ferments you're playing with, and even those fermenting in your brain-brine! Also, botanicals (blossoms, leaves, berries...) you'd love to add to our soda streaming!



@Green River College SEA, May 2022


Collaboration with Mentors in Tech educators & students

On The Menu. Nourishing Modern Hungers for more connecting, caring more, and curing myths of separation.

What to Expect. Understanding and archiving the worlds we are making, and making ourselves ready for. Translating and supporting the most transformative world-making projects we encounter through collaborative food life practices.



@The Dalton School NYC, April 2022


Collaboration with Dalton teaching kitchen teachers & students

On the Menu. Making pizza with Bob Sloan (theater & cooking teacher) and Jaz Johnson (teaching kitchen chef), enjoying pizza with forest (root) beer, and sharing flavors of All We Can Save.

What to expect. To be nourished, delighted, and connected to multi-generational world-makers. And, maybe upscale your pizza-making.



@HanOak PDX, March 2022


Collaboration with Sun Park & Peter Cho (Han Oak) and Philip Lee (Readers to Eaters)

On the Menu. Making kimchi with Grandma Cho, enjoying kimchi jjigae hotpot, and sharing our moments of “coming home.”

What to bring. Your curiosities, longings, hot messes, dazzle, and of course, your hungers!

What to expect. To be nourished, delighted, and connected to Portland readers and eaters. And, maybe up-skill your kimchi-making.

2021 Community Supported (FOOD) Art BOXES

WUNDERLAND is an ethnographic Community Supported {FOOD} Art Project. In 2021, we produced 48 CSA boxes + Digital Wrapper of a flavor experience designed in dialogue with artists working at the edge of food systems change. We shipped these boxes to our community members and hosted online parties to Unpack (ideas), Make (new lived experiences) and Taste (the flavor of transformation) together.