Flavor of Sex & Death

What if we weren't resistant to change? To the new and the dying? Let's sense, sniff, lick, taste, chew, remember, digest and imagine flavors of sex & death from a forested ecosystem that have time-traveled to us from the Fall Equinox 2030.



A towel is just about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can carry. Partly because it has great practical value. You can wrap it around you for warmth...lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches...sleep under it beneath the stars...use it to sail a mini-raft...wet it for use in hand-to-hand combat...You can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress signal, and of course you can dry yourself off with it if it still seems to be clean enough.

More importantly, a towel has immense psychological value....Any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the Galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds...and still knows where his towel is, is clearly a man to be reckoned with.


Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


Let's taste taboos, pleasures and dripping beauty from a lush forested ecosystem-in-transition that has time-traveled from 2030. Amounts are teeny-tiny thimble-size today (and can be abundant in 9yrs time if we make believe).

The latent cartographer, Kyra Kristof, and her back-from-the-future collaborators will guide us through a tasting and creative {menu} re-writing exercise.

What feels familiar? What attracts you? How can forest spices, sweetness and fats flavor our climate change cuisines?

PANTRY LIST (photo guide coming soon)


Fruit Rollup (Aronia or Highbush Cranberry) * Chaga * Birch syrup * Reishi * Wakame * Day Lily


Chestnut Leaf * Sweet fern Leaf * Persimmon * Seaberry * Elderberry * Ramp powder * Hemlock oil (in sheep's wool) * Acorn oil * Black Walnut syrup * Smoked salts (Seaberry, Alder, Mulberry, Hazelnut, Chestnut wood) * Forest Tinctures (Chaga, Turkey tail, Reishi, Lion's mane, Schisandra, Pine pollen)

Dripping Beauty

Usnea * Bloody Berry Jam * Messy Berries (Aronia, Barberry, Black Currant, Black Mulberry) * Nuts (Black Walnut, Butternut, Hickory nut, Acorn, Hazelnut) * Spicebush (berries, twigs) * Pawpaw jam (maybe)


Full of (k)nots

Who is ATTRACTING you?
Fruit Roll Up Analogs (Aronia, Highbush Cranberry) seduce us with their beauty. We tend and care for those we love.

Do INTERBEINGS reveal all, ALL their secrets?
Chaga & Birch (Tangy Syrup) show us the fullness of interdependencies without knowing all the ways or whys. Keeps us staying with the trouble.

How do you digest DEATH? Reishi is abundant because Hemlocks are dying. Wakame remind us that dam-ing of waters ways disrupt fish bodies returning from sea to fertilize forests. Day Lilys say, "Other beings have to die for us to live."

Can trespassing taboos help when culture no longer guides?

Open your pleasure box

What pleasures draw you in?
Pleasure and death go hand in hand. Transformation requires both sex and death (full life cycles).

A love for ramps recently instigated a ramp rescue and re-matriation to the Forest Kitchen.

Seedless Persimmon (cultivated to be infertile) drops into our grief. Hemlock's invigorating fragrance also drops into our deep grief. Why are they dying?

Can little deaths (release of fear and grief) be full of pleasure?


Missing you while devouring you.

Want to taste symbiotic relationships across kingdoms?
Usnea signals good air and supports the movement of grief through our lungs. Steep in water to make a tea. Breathe!

Why are Messy berries so messy?
Female trees are excluded from cityscapes because they drip on cars and sidewalks. Nuts drip too. Why am I so attracted to Spicebush? Their berries are food for birds, caterpillars and humans.

Who are in the Bloody Jam? (Can you taste the added mushroom umami?) The beauty of Pawpaw flowers attracts. Their fragrance (described as carrion) repels. Their fruit in this jam is ambrosial. (Can you taste the spicebush added here?)

Can “dripping” (not controlled) be an aesthetic?


Once upon a time, there was a Story
and believing it made the world make sense
so the Story was pretty popular.

But for those who dared
a different Story opened a portal
to another reality. The Beginning.

How does a generator transform something
in the herenow that hasn't arrived yet?
How do we generate our will to create?

Making 60 lunchboxed time capsules
in a
Pioneer Valley Forest Kitchen
is MASS production; is dancing
at the edges of our food systems
where there isn't infrastructures to produce more.

So drink from thimblecups
and feast upon nibbles today.
flavor messages from the future delight you?
Pay attention. Long them into being.
In nine years, we'll be feasting from abundance.

Making believe in {re}myciliating human beings
into lush biodynamic forest ecosystems that edge
into experimental slopes designed by ways water flows
into regenerative fields holding full lifecycles
is the flavors of sex & death.


At times in the lifecycle of a culture, culture is at odds with living systems. This is an early signal that culture needs to change. Instead of keeping us safe and aligned, our taboos start to rub up against reality. We need to know when this is happening and how to transgress / trespass taboos in order to bring us back into alignment with the world.

Why does creative {menu} rewriting start in places where you have already trespassed?
Where have you brushed up against cultural norms and felt restrained?
Where have you already trespassed and felt shame/fear of not belonging?
Where have you sensed the flavors of sex and death?

How do we {re}write the menu for the change in cuisine that's coming?
From climate change and climate refugees?
From remixing lineages through pleasure and dripping beauty?
From recognizing we are all part of the greater living whole?

Do you remember when you were feeling deeply nourished and satisfied?
What is a super comfort dish for you?
Can you imagine sourcing this comfort dish from our beloved landscapes?
And flavoring with the spices, sweetness and fats from a forest kitchen pantry?


Copy of Wunderland 05 __ FOREST KITCHEN (2021-09-22 at 16_15 GMT-7) (1).mp4



Potent Cartographer

Tuning in to the song

of what wants-to-be

and ways of making this visible

in order to open a door

to sourcing from potential

WUNDERLAND is an open-sourced Community Supported {FOOD} Art Project lead by June Jo Lee, Kyra Kristof and Kirsten Ritschel. We produce 48 CSA boxes + Digital Wrapper of a flavor experience designed in dialogue with artists working at the edge of food systems change circa B.G. (Before Googlable). We ship these boxes to our community members and host an online party to Unpack (ideas), Make (new lived experiences) and Taste (the flavor of transformation) together. We use frameworks to guide our thinking and to make emergence more legible. We aim to inspire and resource food leaders to be/do the change that only they can do.